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Orange County DUI Defense Lawyer

When you’re facing a DUI charge, nothing is as important as taking the necessary measures to ensure you’re not found guilty. This starts by speaking a DUI attorney who has a deep understanding of the law and will strive to support you throughout the legal proceedings. Finding the right Orange County DUI attorney can mean the difference between a clean criminal record and a conviction or between freedom and prison. As such, you need an attorney with the skills, reputation, and experience to aggressively represent your best interests. The consequence of a DUI conviction can include jail time, fines and fees, probation, court-ordered classes, and loss of license. A DUI on your criminal record can also affect insurance rates, impact your future, and tarnish your reputation. Building a strong defense is your best chance at fighting the charges and getting the best results possible.

At Orange County DUI Defense Lawyer, our attorneys have made a career out of providing superior defense services to individuals charged with driving under the influence in Orange County. Regardless of your specific charge, we can fight your charges and help you move past this difficult time. Our many years of DUI defense practice have consistently given us the opportunity to become familiar with prosecutors, judges, and other court officials in Orange County. You can count on our attorneys to be your pillar of strength during this difficult time.

When you retain the Orange County DUI Defense Lawyer, you can rest assured that we’ll handle your case personally and will not outsource services from an appearance attorney or an outside law firm. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are confident that we’ll handle their cases with the uniqueness and carefulness it deserves. Each client is given their attorney’s personal phone number, office phone number, and email to ensure that he/she can get in touch should an issue arise outside of regular business hour. What’s more, our clients can reach to us outside the “9 to 5” hours. We’re available 24/7/365.

We offer a free initial consultation to individuals accused of DUI in Orange County. Call us at 714-820-9592 to schedule yours.

Michael Taibi, orange County DUI Defense Lawyer

Sabrina Darwish

Sabrina Darwish grew up in Southern California and her journey towards criminal justice began when she obtained her law degree from Loyola Law school in Los Angeles. Once she was sworn in as an attorney, she realized her duty to fight for those who struggle to have their voices heard. Sabrina began her legal career in public service as a deputy public defender in Riverside County. She later moved to private practice in Orange County after gaining a wealth of experience at the Public Defender’s Office. With an office in Santa Ana, she is centrally located in Orange County.

For over 10 years, Attorney Sabrina Darwish has been representing Orange County residents in their criminal matters. She has defended thousands of clients with countless wins along the way— from dismissals during negotiations to acquittals at trial.

Sabrina employs all her top skills to highlight your best qualities to the prosecution so they may see you as more than a case file. Sabrina is not only passionate and caring but extremely knowledgeable. She understands all the inner workings of the Orange County courts and has the expertise to navigate all the complex statutes and case law. Her familiarity with the courts and her personal relationships with prosecutors and judges have earned her a well-respected reputation in Orange County.

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The DUI Process

Unlike other types of criminal offenses that involve a one-step process where the case is handled in court, DUI is a complex and technical crime that involves two distinct steps. The roller-coaster ride of a DUI case begins when a person is arrested for suspicion of drunk driving. The officer will then take you in for a chemical test to verify your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If the test results show a BAC of .08 or greater, the officer will note that a charge of driving with a BAC above .08 will be added. If you refuse to submit to a blood or breath test, your license could be suspended for up to 1 year and a Refusal allegation will be added to your charges.

You’ll then be booked and (depending on your criminal history and circumstances of your case) released on bail. A report will be prepared and submitted to the prosecutor who will charge you with DUI or decline to file charges.

In addition to the criminal aspect of DUI, there are administrative actions and the DMV hearing separate from any jury trial that may come later. After an arrest, your driver’s license will immediately be confiscated by the arresting officer and you’ll then be issued a pink, 30-day license. After that, you only have 10 actual days (not business days) to file for a DMV hearing and fight the automatic suspension of your license. If you request a hearing within the stipulated time, the suspension of your license will be delayed until the outcome of the hearing is determined. If you fail to do so, your license will be automatically suspended for 4 months and you’ll lose the right to such a hearing permanently. At Orange County DUI Defense Lawyer, we have been successful in preventing suspended licenses. We are familiar with the local DMV and its process and can easily request your DMV hearing for you.

Regardless of the outcome of your DMV hearing, if charges are filed against you, you’re still subject to the criminal court process.

DUI Penalties in California

DUI is a serious offense because it tends to put others at risk. However, the penalties of drunk driving can be complicated and may depend on factors two main factors: whether another person was injured or killed as a result of your driving under the influence and whether you have prior DUI convictions on your record. Most DUIs are prosecuted as misdemeanors, but they may be charged as a felony if you have 4 or more prior DUIs on your record or someone is injured as a result of your drunk driving.

DUIs in California are “priorable offenses” and penalties get more serious with each successive DUI conviction within a 10-year period. You can also face civil charges if the DUI incident caused any injuries or property damage. Other driving crimes such as vehicular manslaughter, hit and run, DUI with a minor in the car, or DUI without a valid license or on a suspended license can result in sentencing enhancements.

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Common DUI Defenses in California DUI Cases

Other defense strategies that we can use to fight your DUI charges include:

  • DUI breath test errors
  • DUI blood test errors
  • Arresting officer didn’t read Miranda rights
  • Lack of probable cause for a DUI stop
  • DUI Sobriety Checkpoint not in compliance with legal requirements
  • Police misconduct
  • BAC over the legal limit not the same as DUI
  • No signs of mental impairment
  • Radio Frequency Interference
  • BAC doesn’t reflect impairment
  • No driving at the time of the arrest

Irrespective of the type of DUI charge you’re facing, any of these defenses could be raised to your case. We have an understanding of the law and can assess the specifics of your case to decide the best defense strategies that will maximize your chances of winning the case. Remember, building a solid defense when faced with a DUI charge usually depends on when it is prepared. For this reason, it’s important to seek experienced DUI legal counsel immediately after your arrest.

Case Reviewed by an Experienced Orange County DUI Defense Lawyer

With a team of skilled and experienced DUI attorneys at your side, you can rest assured that every angle and every aspect of your DUI cases will be covered in defending you in court. At Orange County DUI Defense Lawyer, we tackle all kinds of California DUI cases from misdemeanor drunk driving to felony DUI. We know the best legal strategies to fight the charges and avoid jail time as well as other harsh penalties that come with a DUI conviction. Our lawyers will take your case seriously and will point out how a seemingly uphill battle can be resolved by targeting certain key errors or failures. Once you retain our legal service, our main aim will be to secure your freedom and well-being.

When we handle DUI cases in Orange County, we investigate the background and training of the arresting officer and the chemical testing personnel, examine and inspect equipment used in chemical testing (including their upkeep and maintenance), and reanalyze blood samples. We also cross-examine officers at DMV hearings to ensure that all regulations were adhered to and also use this as an opportunity to find out the evidence that the prosecutor has against you. We will review your case beginning with the events that led up to the arrest, what happened after the traffic stop, and what followed. We’ll challenge every piece of evidence the prosecution plans to use against you. Getting a DUI does not mean you’re guilty. Certain circumstances or defenses may entitle you to a suppression of evidence, reduced charge or penalty, or dismissal of the charges. There may have been an error with the chemical testing procedure, the law enforcement officer may not have had probable cause to pull you over, or there may be credible witnesses who can say you were not impaired or intoxicated. The diligent investigation into the details of each unique case we accept lays the groundwork for a strong defense aimed at clearing your name.

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Call an Orange County DUI Defense to Fight Your Charges

Being charged with a DUI in Orange County is a stressful experience. Even so, you don’t have to sit and accept having your property, freedom, and mobility restricted or seized, especially if further investigation might show improper DUI arrest, compromised equipment, or improper investigative procedure. The experienced Orange County Defense Lawyers can help you retain your rights and freedom.

Consulting with an experienced DUI attorney immediately after the arrest is critical as it allows the attorney to evaluate your case and gather the evidence to challenge the prosecution’s case. In addition to examining all relevant evidence in your DUI case, our lawyers will subpoena any related video footage connected to your case and review every situation based on its facts. We can represent you in your DMV hearing, prepare and file any pre-trial motions, actively engage in plea negotiations with the prosecution, and aggressively defend you in a trial. When it comes to investigating your case and fighting the charges against you, we leave no stone unturned.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI in Orange County, call a lawyer at our law firm for a free, no-obligation consultation at 714-820-9592.