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Sabrina Darwish

Lead Attorney

As an attorney, Sabina Darwish always abided with a duty to speak for those who do not have a voice and fight for justice in her hometown. She grew up in southern California, attended Loyola Law school and UCLA for undergrad and has a passion for serving her community.

Ms Darwish started her career defending the voiceless as a public defender in the Riverside Courts. Then she decided to move on to private practice utilizing the knowledge and skills she gained as a public defender. For the past decade she has represented and helped many citizens defend their criminal charges. Attorney Darwish has acquired many dismissals, aquittals and countless wins on behalf of her clients throughout the years and continues to serve the Orange County community to fight false accusations and charges.

Orange County DUI Defense Lawyer’s offices are centrally located in Santa Ana to better serve clients and provides easy access to all the courts in Orange County. Sabrina is knowledgeable about the Orange County courts and has a great reputation with judges, prosecutors, and will be an asset to your DUI case.

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